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Panel Motor Control Center

21 May 2015
Panel Motor Control Center

· PANEL MAKER AND INSTALLATION Sebagai Panel Maker dan Installation PT. Lentera Perdana Mandiri telah membuat berbagai macam panel dan telah mengerjakan beberapa project panel termasuk instalasinya dan kami juga...

Control Valve

21 May 2015
Control Valve

PRODUK CONTROL VALVE BALL VALVE : Series 4000 standard and full port ball valve Series 100 standard port ball valve Series 3000 standard port ball valve Series 7000 standard port...

Healthy Lamp



Ionizer lights keibu is one of our revolutionary product that provides many benefits in addition to lighting and energy saving some of them

  1. Help clear the air, remove smoke, dust and pollution in the room. So that more fresh air.
  2. Helps reduce a wide range of odors and germs that cause allergies
  3. Helps revitalize the body and reduce the risk of asthma, allergies, immune disorder, and other respiratory diseases, because the allergens that enter the lungs will be greatly reduced. Negative ions in the air can enter the human body throught the respiratory and skin pores. These ions get into all the cells of the body to ride the flow of blood flow. Negative ions in the body can break down lactic acid into harmless substances (water and lactate ions) are easily carried by the bloodstream to the landfill  when the body is tired and tense, lactic acid in the body will be confined in a cell that gives rise to a sense of fatigue. cases such as that experienced by researchers when junk food pyramid that left the visitors in the room where the mummy king saved. Trash it does not rot, just dries. Carcasses of animals that happened to be in the dry matter like a mummy. Researchers working in the pyramid also feel healthier and stronger body, aches pains disappeared. What happened in the pyramid? The study concluded that the magnetic force on the granite in the king resulted in the release of electrons from atoms or molecules in the air around the wall. The free electrons are then bonded to other atoms to form negative ions. This negative ions that bind to and kill bacteria. Bacteria were not move to decay, so that garbage and carcasses only dries.
  4. Furthermore Negative Ion has the ability to increase employment in generating immune spleen tubuh.Otomatis body is able to deal with the incoming virus. Influenza and other viral diseases was difficult to get into the body
  5. Can clear the air and is also good for health. Negative ions are also useful in killing viruses and bacteria in the air around us. Among the negative ions can kill the bacteria E. coli (KH Kingdon, 1960), Micrococcus pyogenes andInfluenza virus (AP Krueger, 1976). Both Kindon and Krueger use as much 50000-5000000 concentration of negative ions per cm3 in the various experiments.


               The mechanism of this process kills bacteria also described by N. I Goldstein (1992) as follows, the reaction of two negative ions O2- and two positive ions H + can produce Hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is known to have a high potential energy and is able to kill viruses and bacteria. Furthermore H. Nojima of Sharp Corp. (2002) describes the reaction of negative ions in killing E. coli bacteria. According Nojima Hydrogen peroxide formation occurs in the outer layer of cells of E. coli bacteria, and then destroy the cell layer at a time to kill. Chambers or offices in tall buildings that use Negative Ion generator, the air in the room is not only cool, but also contains more amount of Negative Ions So that the pollutant particles motor vehicles and industrial origin, dust and cigarette smoke positively charged scattered, will react attract each other with negative ions from exhaled air of Negative Ion generator and clot fell to the floor . Similarly, particles of bacteria, fungi and viruses are flying in the air also positively charged ions will be experiencing the same fate, so the room was now to be clean and free from all kinds of pollution . Thus equipped space Negative Ion generator to be relatively free of pests.

  1. On the other hand Negative ions are also known to be useful to neutralize superoxide. Superoxide in the blood that is actually used to kill microorganisms in the human body, sometimes quite the opposite actually can damage cells in the body when the levels are too high concentration (I. Fridovich, 1960). While the presence of negative ions will be able to increase the amount of enzyme SOD (superoxide dismutase), which serves to reduce the levels of superoxide in the bloodElectronic devices are usually much produce positive ions, such as the example on the TV monitor tube or tube computer monitors. Air Conditioner (AC) that is not equipped with a conventional plasma cluster or water purifier is also a lot of positive ions.

Positive ions have a negative impact on health include :

  •  Can push the human body chemical imbalances, as to be detrimental to health .
  •  Positive ion poisoning can even lead to the production of serotonin in the brain, which can cause anxiety.
  •  Dyscresia can cause blood clotting disorders or disorders .

This is product all ready produce negative ions, namely:

AC is equipped plasma cluster or water purifier, negative ion generator, water purifier, water ionizer, car ionizer, showers, fountains, showers.

Naturally producing negative ions:

lightning, rain, waterfalls, rivers upstream, granit.Di stone Below is a list of Negative Ion Concentration levels in different environments:

Environmental Levels - Ion *

Water Fall = 95.000 – 450.000

Mountains &Forests= 50.000 – 100.000

Savana = 5.000 – 50.000

Towns = 100 – 2.000

Office room = 40 – 100

Air conditioning room (konvensional) = 0 – 20

* Estimated content of Negative Ion cubic percentimeter (CC3)

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