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Panel Motor Control Center

21 May 2015
Panel Motor Control Center

· PANEL MAKER AND INSTALLATION Sebagai Panel Maker dan Installation PT. Lentera Perdana Mandiri telah membuat berbagai macam panel dan telah mengerjakan beberapa project panel termasuk instalasinya dan kami juga...

Control Valve

21 May 2015
Control Valve

PRODUK CONTROL VALVE BALL VALVE : Series 4000 standard and full port ball valve Series 100 standard port ball valve Series 3000 standard port ball valve Series 7000 standard port...



MOVIDRIVE®MDX60B/61 is the new generation of drive inverters from SEW-EURODRIVE. The new MOVIDRIVE®B series inverters feature a modular design, provide enhanced functions in the lower power range, more basic functions, and greateroverload capacity.

AC drives with the latest digital inverter technology can now be used without restrictions in the 0.55 to 315 kW power range. The levels of dynamic performance and control quality that can now be achieved with MOVIDRIVE® for asynchronous AC motors were previously only possible using servo drives or DC motors. The integrated control functionality and the option to extend the drive using technology and communication options creates drive system that are designed to be particularly cost-effective withregards to the application range, project planning, startup and operation.

Low emission

TheMOVIDRIVE® MDX60B/61 inverters are produced according to particularly low-emission regulations, but with the usual high level of quality. One particular feature is the consistent use of lead-free soldering materials in the production of electronics product. These lead free processes are in line with the RoHS Directive and la on electronic equipment.


Product family

TheMOVIDRIVE® product family includes three series :


·         MOVIDRIVE® MDX60B:Drive inverter for asynchronous AC motors without encoder feed-back. The units are not option-capable.

·         MOVIDRIVE® MDX61B :Drive inverter for asynchronous AC motors with or without encoder feed-back, or for asynchronous and synchronous servo-motors. The units are option-capable.

·         MOVIDRIVE® MDX60A :Regenerative power supply unit ; MOVIDRIVE® inverters (400/500 V units) operate in regenerative mode to feed energy back into the supply system.


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